Neal Norwitz  committed c02fa18

Part of SF patch #1484695. This removes dead code. The chksum was
already verified in .frombuf() on the lines above. If there was
a problem an exception is raised, so there was no way this condition
could have been true.

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                 tarinfo = TarInfo.frombuf(buf)
-                # We shouldn't rely on this checksum, because some tar programs
-                # calculate it differently and it is merely validating the
-                # header block. We could just as well skip this part, which would
-                # have a slight effect on performance...
-                if tarinfo.chksum not in calc_chksums(buf):
-                    self._dbg(1, "tarfile: Bad Checksum %r" %
                 # Set the TarInfo object's offset to the current position of the
                 # TarFile and set self.offset to the position where the data blocks
                 # should begin.