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 <h2>Invoking the interpreter</h2>
 The name of the interpreter may differ on different installations: it
-may be called <CODE>Python</CODE>, <CODE>PythonPPC</CODE> (for powerpc
-macs), <CODE>PythonCFM68K</CODE> or<CODE>Python68K</CODE> (both for 68K macs). 
+may be called <CODE>PythonFAT</CODE> (for powerpc macs and 68K macs with
+CFM68K installed) or <CODE>Python68K</CODE> (for 68K macs). 
 It will always
 be recognizable by the "16 ton" icon, though. You start the
 interpreter in interactive mode by double-clicking its icon: <p>
 This should give you a text window with an informative version string
 and a prompt, something like the following:
-Python 1.5 (#0 Aug 27, 1997)  [CW PPC w/GUSI MSL]
+Python 1.5 (#12 Aug 27, 1997)  [CW PPC w/GUSI MSL]
 Copyright 1991-1997 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam
 though it does not have a scroll bar. Using the arrow keys works,
-The Python home folder $(PYTHON) is initially, when you execute the
-interpreter for the first time, set to the folder where the
-interpreter lives. You can change it here. <p>
+The Python home folder $(PYTHON) is initially, when you install Python,
+set to the folder where the interpreter lives. You can change it here. <p>
 Finally, you can set the default startup options here, through a
 load PythonCore".
 Blame Apple for the confusing message. <p>
+There appear to be problems with QuickTime for the CFM68K version of the
+interpreter. If you experience these please contact the SIG: some people
+use quicktime without problems and some not, and we are still hunting for
+the cause. <p>
 Python is a rather safe language, and hence it should be difficult to
 crash the interpreter of the system with a Python script. There is an
 exception to this rule, though: the modules that interface to the
 <A HREF="">Jack Jansen</A>,
-<A HREF=""></A>, 27-Aug-1997.
+<A HREF=""></A>, 08-Sep-1997.