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Assigning None to pointer type structure fields possible overwrote
wrong fields.

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         items = [s.array[i] for i in range(3)]
         self.failUnlessEqual(items, [1, 2, 3])
+    def test_none_to_pointer_fields(self):
+        class S(Structure):
+            _fields_ = [("x", c_int),
+                        ("p", POINTER(c_int))]
+        s = S()
+        s.x = 12345678
+        s.p = None
+        self.failUnlessEqual(s.x, 12345678)
 if __name__ == '__main__':
+- Assigning None to pointer type fields in ctypes structures possible
+  overwrote the wrong fields, this is fixed now.
 - Fixed a segfault in _ctypes when ctypes.wintypes were imported
   on non-Windows platforms.


 			return result;
 		} else if (value == Py_None && PointerTypeObject_Check(type)) {
-			*(void **)dst->b_ptr = NULL;
+			*(void **)ptr = NULL;
 			return Py_None;
 		} else {
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