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       sign: "+" | "-"
       infinity: "Infinity" | "inf"
       nan: "nan"
-      numeric-value: `floatnumber` | `infinity` | `nan`
-      numeric-string: [`sign`] `numeric-value`
+      numeric_value: `floatnumber` | `infinity` | `nan`
+      numeric_string: [`sign`] `numeric_value`
    Here ``floatnumber`` is the form of a Python floating-point literal,
    described in :ref:`floating`.  Case is not significant, so, for example,

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    :ref:`deprecated unittest methods <deprecated-aliases>` are also
    special-cased and, when the warning filters are ``'default'`` or ``'always'``,
    they will appear only once per-module, in order to avoid too many warning
-   messages.  This behavior can be overridden using the :option`-Wd` or
+   messages.  This behavior can be overridden using the :option:`-Wd` or
    :option:`-Wa` options and leaving *warnings* to ``None``.
    .. method:: _makeResult()

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 The result objects from the :func:`urlparse`, :func:`urlsplit`  and
-:func:`urldefrag`functions are subclasses of the :class:`tuple` type.
+:func:`urldefrag` functions are subclasses of the :class:`tuple` type.
 These subclasses add the attributes listed in the documentation for
 those functions, the encoding and decoding support described in the
 previous section, as well as an additional method: