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test_asyncore: Enable tests of Unix domain sockets with poll().

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         family = socket.AF_UNIX
     addr = support.TESTFN
-    use_poll = False
     def tearDown(self):
 class TestAPI_UseIPv6Poll(TestAPI_UseIPv6Sockets):
     use_poll = True
+class TestAPI_UseUnixSocketsSelect(TestAPI_UseUnixSockets):
+    use_poll = False
+@unittest.skipUnless(hasattr(select, 'poll'), 'select.poll required')
+class TestAPI_UseUnixSocketsPoll(TestAPI_UseUnixSockets):
+    use_poll = True
 def test_main():
     tests = [HelperFunctionTests, DispatcherTests, DispatcherWithSendTests,
             DispatcherWithSendTests_UsePoll, FileWrapperTest,
             TestAPI_UseIPv4Select, TestAPI_UseIPv4Poll, TestAPI_UseIPv6Select,
-            TestAPI_UseIPv6Poll, TestAPI_UseUnixSockets]
+            TestAPI_UseIPv6Poll, TestAPI_UseUnixSocketsSelect,
+            TestAPI_UseUnixSocketsPoll]
 if __name__ == "__main__":
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