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New string format character.

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   >>> short.untransform('zlib_codec')
   b'which witch had which witches wrist watch'
-  (From multiple contributers in :issue:`7475`.)
+  (From multiple contributors in :issue:`7475`.)
+* String formatting for :func:`format` and :meth:`str.format` gained a new format
+  character **#**.  For integers in binary, octal, or hexadecimal, it causes
+  the output to be prefixed with  '0b', '0o', or '0x' respectively.  For floats,
+  complex, and Decimal, it causes the output to always have a decimal point
+  even when no digits follow it.
+  >>> format(20, '#o')
+  '0o24'
+  >>> format(12.34, '#5.0f')
+  '  12.'
+  (Suggested by Mark Dickinson and implemented by Eric Smith in :issue:`7094`.)
 * The interpreter can now be started with a quiet option, ``-q``, to suppress
   the copyright and version information in an interactive mode.