If binary is copied, prefix-finding could be broken

Carl Meyer avatarCarl Meyer created an issue

If we use a copied rather than symlinked binary, the finding of sys.prefix (in getpath.c) relies on falling back on the ./configure prefix. This might be broken in some situations, if the installation of Python that the virtualenv was created from has an incorrect ./configure prefix for some reason and was relying instead on the path-climbing behavior to find its sys.prefix, or if path-climbing from the location of the copied binary results in finding a valid (but incorrect) prefix.

Not sure yet how this can be fixed. It will probably require tweaks to getpath.c.

Comments (4)

  1. Carl Meyer

    Conclusion from distutils-sig is that yes, this needs to be fixed. It will require moving the config-file finding and parsing into C code, which means simplifying the config file spec (not full ConfigParser semantics), so as to be able to provide a "prefix hint" to copied binaries.

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