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Browsers names not showing !

Laurent Guilbert
created an issue

Hi !

I've been trying to use django-admin lately and it really seems like a great app, but I got a problem I can't solve.

I'm currently running on django-adminfiles 0.5.1 with django 1.4.1.

Whatever I do I can't see browsers names (All Files, Audio ...) in the admin page. I checked the code and it seems like every browsers related informations wont render in the upload template. But my browsers list is definetly not empty as the for loop does iterate multiple times.

I've linked a screenshot of the issue.

Thanks in advance for your time !

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  1. Ales Zabala Alava

    I have too this problem with Django 1.3.1 and django-adminfiles tip.

    The urlpatterns for browsers seems right, but reverse('adminfiles_all') (or any other browser view) doesn't work.

  2. Anonymous

    The issue with my branch is that it uses the new Class Based Views cause i have no need for django12 support.

  3. Carl Meyer repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I don't mind the switch to class-based views and dropping support for Django 1.2 at this point, but the .hgignore changes in that changeset are extraneous.

    I don't use django-adminfiles at this point, so my time for maintenance is limited. If someone can put together a patch that fixes this, either using armonge's solution or a different one, and that includes a test that fails before the fix and passes afterwards, I'll gladly merge it.

    Alternatively, if anyone following this bug is interested in picking up maintainership of django-adminfiles, I'd be willing to consider handing it off.

  4. Ales Zabala Alava

    Yes, the .hgignore should be ignored.

    I'll try preparing a patch. For now I won't ask for maintainership, I'm just testing the app and don't know if I'll use it for long.

    Thanks for your time!

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