TemplateSyntaxError with sorl-thumbnail 10.12-final

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The {% thumbnail %} syntax seems to have changed recently, so the adminfiles frame showed a TemplateSyntaxError: "Expected: thumbnail source geometry [key1=val1, key2=val2] as var...". Documentation here: http://thumbnail.sorl.net/template.html#thumbnail

I've attached a diff with the change I applied to restore functionality and verified that it is working properly on the latest Django development version.

Let me know if I can assist further.


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  1. Carl Meyer repo owner
    • changed status to open

    The transition from sorl-thumbnail 3.2.5 to 10.x broke backwards compatibility in a number of ways. I'm not going to apply a fix which forces adminfiles users to upgrade to the 10.x series. I may look into whether it's possible to write the template in a way that supports both. For now, if you want to use adminfiles stick with sorl-thumbnail 3.2.5.

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