Carl Meyer committed 2900635

Update to jQuery 1.8.

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        of ``row_attrs`` which can be accessed from the template to
        apply attributes to the surrounding container (<li>, <tr>, or
        whatever) of a specific form field.
     2. A ``ClearableFileField`` to enhance ``FileField`` and
        ``ImageField`` with a checkbox for clearing the contents of the
        rather than just the filename.
     4. An ``AutoResizeTextarea`` widget which auto-resizes to
-       accomodate its contents.
+       accommodate its contents.
 `AutoResizeTextarea`_ requires the jQuery Javascript library.  By
 default, ``django-form-utils`` links to the most recent minor version
-of jQuery 1.4 available at (via the URL
+of jQuery 1.8 available at (via the URL
 If you wish to use a different version of jQuery, or host it yourself,
 set the JQUERY_URL setting.  For example::


 JQUERY_URL = getattr(
     settings, 'JQUERY_URL',
-    '')
+    '')
 if not ((':' in JQUERY_URL) or (JQUERY_URL.startswith('/'))):
     JQUERY_URL = posixpath.join(settings.STATIC_URL, JQUERY_URL)
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