django-form-utils / README.rst

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Carl Meyer avatarCarl Meyer
Add documentation of utility filters.
Carl Meyer avatarCarl Meyer
Rename template tag library from form_utils_tags to form_utils.
Carl Meyer avatarCarl Meyer
Update to jQuery 1.8.
Carl Meyer avatarCarl Meyer
Update to use STATIC_URL.
Carl Meyer avatarCarl Meyer
Merge from agriffis to add row_attrs error class; added test.
Carl Meyer avatarCarl Meyer
Drop support for Django pre-1.2 and Python pre-2.6.
Aron Griffis avatarAron Griffis
Update README.rst for the "error" class.
Default avatar Carl Meyer
correct docs to use lists instead of tuples where lists are more appropriate
Default avatar Carl Meyer
automatically set Meta.fields on a BetterModelForm to the fields present in fieldsets; fixes #4
Rob Hudson avatarRob Hudson
Updated documentation to add a note about getting fieldset by key.
Default avatar Carl Meyer
added AutoResizeTextarea
Default avatar Carl Meyer
switch from .txt to .rst
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