ModelFormOptions not automatically populated

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It would be nice if the ModelFormMetaclass's ModelFormOptions object was populated with the 'fields' key in BetterModelForm.fieldsets.

Here's a copy of that class:

class ModelFormOptions(object):
    def __init__(self, options=None):
        self.model = getattr(options, 'model', None)
        self.fields = getattr(options, 'fields', None)
        self.exclude = getattr(options, 'exclude', None)

Currently the fields attribute does not receive a copy of the fields used in BetterModelForm.fieldsets.

If the BetterModelForm doesn't contain all the required fields, the form will not validate correctly.

The current work-around is to include all the fields in the fieldsets attribute in the fields attribute:

class SampleForm(BetterModelForm):
    fieldsets = (
       ('main', {
         'fields: ('field_a', 'field_b'),
    fields = ('field_a', 'field_b')

This isn't a big deal, but it would be nice if this was documented. Or, even better yet, if the fieldset fields would be copied into SampleForm.fields automatically.

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