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First Awesome app!!! This is how django forms should have been to begin with!

Questions: What's the best way to do a field concatenation? ie min_year - max_year (picture attached to show meaning. Basically I don't want it to say year with two boxes and not show min_year and max_year labels) Does this currently work with the trunk {% csrf_token %}? (as shown in the tutorial on page 4).

TIA, Keep up the GREAT work!

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  1. Carl Meyer repo owner

    Thanks for the kind words. Probably better to just shoot me a bitbucket message rather than using the issue tracker for non-issues.

    The first question isn't actually related to form_utils at all, it's just a general Django forms question, better asked on django-users or #django IRC channel or stackoverflow.com or somewhere. In general the answer is that to do that you'll need to lay out your form manually field by field using form.field rather than iterating over the form or fieldsets.

    As far as csrf_token, I haven't yet tried it but form_utils doesn't do anything that would affect that as far as I'm aware.

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