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As far as I can tell the code for the following was introduced after version 0.1.8, but is documented as possible in the README that shows up if you look at tag 0.1.8:

for field in form.fieldsets.fieldset_name



(Also, it'd be nice to have a release, since that syntax is really useful.)

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  1. Carl Meyer repo owner

    The README at tag 0.1.8 does not show that syntax for accessing fieldsets, not sure where you're seeing it.

    As for the release - done. 0.2.0 is up on PyPI.

  2. freyley reporter

    Might be a bitbucket bug, or maybe just me? I click tags->0.1.8 and the README showing up at the bottom of the page has the {% for field in form.fieldsets.main %} syntax below the sample template for rendering.

    But also, thanks for posting a new version!

  3. Carl Meyer repo owner

    Yep, looks like a bitbucket bug. If you click tags->0.1.8 and then actually click README.rst to view its contents, you'll see the correct contents. But bitbucket seems to be displaying the tip version regardless in its default "show-the-README" feature.

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