Silent failure if fieldset has only one field

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Hi there!

It's my first time actually reporting a bug, so bear with me if I make a mistake or omit something. Just ask if you need more information :)

I've been having issues when defining a fieldset with only one field. There seems to be a silent error, no Exception thrown, nothing. But, if I define a fieldset with only one field in it, I cannot use it in a template.

Example code:

fieldsets = (

('first', {'fields': ('one', 'two', 'three'), 'legend': ''}),

('second', {'fields': ('four', 'five', 'six'), 'legend': ''}),

('third', {'fields': ('single'), 'legend': ''})


While testing with a form (similar to the above code, but with different field names of course) I could only get the second fieldset to actually work. Only when I removed the last one (with the single field) I could use both other fieldsets. I tried iterating the fieldsets and explicitly calling fieldsets. I'm not aware of any documentation that describes issues with this, so I think it's a bug.

FYI: I don't use the legends or names in my template code, just the fieldsets as collection of form fields.

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  1. Carl Meyer repo owner

    "fields" needs to be an iterable, either a list or tuple. In the case of your third fieldset, it isn't. This is a common Python gotcha: it's actually the commas, not the parens, that make a tuple a tuple, parens are just for grouping clarity. A length-one tuple requires a trailing comma. Use "('single',)" in place of "('single')" and it should work fine. Actually I recommend just using lists instead, where this gotcha doesn't apply: "['single']" will work.

    That said, the silent failure you describe isn't the ideal failure mode in this case; I need to make it fail faster and with a clear error.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, thanks for the clarification. I do feel a bit newbish now, but that's okay.

    I reckon you probably haven't had much time to extend the current documentation with tutorials and such, but I'm glad that it's at least up-to-date.

    Thanks again, I'll try and make my little project work :)

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