fieldsets + exclude + save + missed field [0.1.8]

Issue #14 invalid
created an issue

if i use fieldsets and exclude list, and fogot to add some "not needed to be shown" filed in exclude (also that field not in filedsets data) - on form POST process (instance exists!) my fogotten field reseted to default value (not to pre-saved)!

Thats wrong!

ex: bool field saved as True was cleaned to False value (but in model definition that field has default = True) ...

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  1. Carl Meyer repo owner

    I don't believe form-utils is doing anything that would cause this. Either its a bug in Django forms, or you're doing something else that's causing it.

    Closing - please reopen if you can attach a test case (either as a sample model+form, or better as an addition to the test suite) demonstrating the problem in a way that can be consistently reproduced.

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