should be able to access individual fieldset by name

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Carl Meyer
repo owner created an issue

For more control in laying out forms, it'd be nice to be able to call out individual fieldsets by name: {% for field in %}.

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  1. Carl Meyer reporter
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    I'd see this happening via a getitem method on FieldsetCollection. This means that the work that currently happens in iter (transforming the list of tuples into actual Fieldset objects) would need to be moved to a private helper method that can be triggered by either iter or getitem, resulting in a SortedDict (probably?) mapping fieldset names to Fieldset objects that would be cached on the FieldsetCollection.

    I don't want that work to happen already in init, because you should be able to poke at the "fieldsets" list-of-tuples attribute as late as possible (in your Form class code) and still have your changes take effect.

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