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Issue #9 open

Custom labels

created an issue


It'd be great if there could be the following two options in the Meta class:

labels = { 'field_name' : 'custom label' }

help_text = { 'field_name' : 'custom help text' }

Sound like a good idea to you?

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  1. Carl Meyer repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I'm interested in working on more template-oriented approaches that allow designers to set this sort of thing in the template without having to edit Python code. So I'm not likely to add this feature myself. That said, I think it is consistent with the spirit of the rest of form-utils, so I'd accept a pull request for it, if the code is good and it comes with tests.

  2. Carl Meyer repo owner

    I'd look at the row_attrs feature, as that's a similar sort of thing (adding per-field data in Meta that becomes accessible in the template).

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