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django-form-utils / CONTRIBUTING.rst


Contributions of code and documentation are always welcome!

Submitting Issues

Issues are easier to reproduce and resolve when they include:

  • A pull request with a failing test demonstrating the issue (no need to file both a pull request and an issue, the pull request is sufficient).
  • A code example that produces the issue consistently
  • A traceback (when applicable)

Pull Requests

When creating a pull request, try to:

  • Write tests that fail before your change and pass after it
  • Note important changes in the CHANGES file
  • Update the README file as needed
  • Add yourself to the AUTHORS file


Please add tests for your code and ensure existing tests don't break. To run the tests against your code:

python setup.py test

You can use tox to test the code against supported Python and Django versions. First install tox:

pip install tox

To run tests using tox:


To fully run the tests via tox, you must have python2.6, python2.7, and python3.3 interpreters on your system, available by those names. If you are missing one or more interpreters, tox will skip testing against that Python version and notify you.

When submitting a pull request, please note whether you've run the tests with tox (and against which versions). Before a pull request can be merged, all tests must pass on all configured tox environments.