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Added documentation note about not using LocaleURLMiddleware with LocaleMiddleware. Fixes issue #14.

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File docs/setup.rst

 #. Add ``'localeurl.middleware.LocaleURLMiddleware'`` to
    ``settings.MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES``. It must come *before*
    ``'django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware'`` or ``settings.APPEND_SLASH``
-   will not work.
+   will not work. Make sure Django's built-in ``LocaleMiddleware`` is **not**
+   in your ``MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES`` setting; ``LocaleURLMiddleware`` replaces it
+   and the two will not work together.
 #. Add ``'localeurl'`` to ``settings.INSTALLED_APPS``. Because the application
    needs to replace the standard ``urlresolvers.reverse`` function, it is