Chris Adams avatar Chris Adams committed 32afa6f

Avoid UnicodeDecodeErrors when a querystring includes unescaped non-ASCII text

I've seen a small number of requests which contain characters which Python's
ascii codec cannot represent. This patch avoids forcing str->unicode->str
conversions in two places to avoid raising decode exceptions.

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                 locale = accept_langs[0]
         locale_path = utils.locale_path(path, locale)
         if locale_path != request.path_info:
-            if request.META.get("QUERY_STRING", ""):
-                locale_path = "%s?%s" % (locale_path,
-                        request.META['QUERY_STRING'])
             locale_url = utils.add_script_prefix(locale_path)
+            qs = request.META.get("QUERY_STRING", "")
+            if qs:
+                # Force this to remain a byte-string by encoding locale_path
+                # first to avoid Unicode tainting - downstream will need to
+                # handle the job of handling in-the-wild character encodings:
+                locale_url = "%s?%s" % (locale_path.encode("utf-8"), qs)
             redirect_class = HttpResponsePermanentRedirect
             if not localeurl_settings.LOCALE_REDIRECT_PERMANENT:
                 redirect_class = HttpResponseRedirect


         self.assertEqual(301, r2.status_code)
         self.assertEqual('/en/test/?somevar=someval', r2['Location'])
+    def test_with_unescaped_query_string(self):
+        # This contains an ISO-88591-2 latin small letter C with cedilla,
+        # received in a request declared as windows-1251:
+        r1 = self.request_factory.get('/test/?somevar=Mudan\xe7as_recentes')
+        r2 = self.middleware.process_request(r1)
+        self.assertEqual(301, r2.status_code)
+        self.assertEqual('/en/test/?somevar=Mudan%E7as_recentes', r2['Location'])
 class NoDefaultPrefixMiddlewareTestCase(MiddlewareTestCase):


 def add_script_prefix(path):
     Prepends the SCRIPT_PREFIX to a path.
+    """
-    """
     return ''.join([urlresolvers.get_script_prefix(), path[1:]])
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