Carl Meyer avatar Carl Meyer committed a424bb4

Made language-code matching case insensitive.

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 Tip: (unreleased)
+  * Made language-code matching case-insensitive, per RFC. Thanks torgeilo for
+    the report.
   * Dropped support for Django 1.0 and Python 2.4.
   * Fixed issue with non-ASCII characters in URLs. Thanks Chris Adams.


             if accept_langs:
                 locale = accept_langs[0]
         locale_path = utils.locale_path(path, locale)
-        if locale_path != request.path_info:
+        if locale_path != request.path_info.lower():
             locale_url = utils.add_script_prefix(locale_path)
             qs = request.META.get("QUERY_STRING", "")


 import re
 from django.conf import settings
+    (code.lower(), name) for code, name in settings.LANGUAGES)
 # Issue #15. Sort locale codes to avoid matching e.g. 'pt' before 'pt-br'
 LOCALES_RE = '|'.join(
     sorted(SUPPORTED_LOCALES.keys(), key=lambda i: len(i), reverse=True))
-PATH_RE = re.compile(r'^/(?P<locale>%s)(?P<path>.*)$' % LOCALES_RE)
+PATH_RE = re.compile(r'^/(?P<locale>%s)(?P<path>.*)$' % LOCALES_RE, re.I)
 LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_PATHS = [re.compile(p) for p in
                             getattr(settings, 'LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_PATHS', [])]


         self.assertEqual('/test/bla/bla/', r1.path_info)
+    def test_case_insensitive_locale(self):
+        r1 = self.request_factory.get('/nl-NL/test/bla/bla/')
+        r2 = self.middleware.process_request(r1)
+        self.assertEqual(None, r2)
+        self.assertEqual('nl-nl', r1.LANGUAGE_CODE)
+        self.assertEqual('/test/bla/bla/', r1.path_info)
     def test_locale_independent_url(self):
         r1 = self.request_factory.get('/test/independent/bla/bla/')
         r2 = self.middleware.process_request(r1)


     Returns the supported language (from settings.LANGUAGES) for the locale.
+    locale = locale.lower()
     if locale in localeurl_settings.SUPPORTED_LOCALES:
         return locale
     elif locale[:2] in localeurl_settings.SUPPORTED_LOCALES:
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