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Carl Meyer
added LocaleurlSitemap
Carl Meyer
update docs, remove built docs from version control
Carl Meyer
added hgignore
Carl Meyer
add option to check Accept-Language if no locale in URL; fixes #1
Carl Meyer
refactor middleware tests for fewer asserts per test
Carl Meyer
corrected change_locale view usage example; fixes #4
Carl Meyer
switch to permanent redirects; fixes #6
Removed copyright headers from source.
* Added tests. * Removed old test app. * Removed unused code.
Updated monkey-patch of the urlresolvers.reverse function for Django 1.1. Thanks Akimov, Tomas and Robin.
Added the change_locale view contributed by Panos Laganakos.
Updated to Sphinx 0.5.2. Added i18n context processor to example.
Updated history.
Fixed reference to PREFIX_DEFAULT_LOCALE.
Update documentation layout.
Reverted back to r75.
Added resolver package to source distribution.
Based resolvers on build_locale_url and parse_locale_url.
Removed Removed chlocale template filter. Fixed template tags. Documentation not yet updated.
Moved to plugin architecture for resolvers. Documentation not yet completed,
Updated history.
Fixed redirection of locale prefix without trailing slash.
Fixed path prefix regular expression that caused an exception on some URLs.
Fixed dropped query string on redirects.
Updated Google CSS location. Removed links from documentation header.
Disable middleware if settings.USE_I18N = False. More domain functionality, not useful yet.
Restructured code. Removed REDIRECT_LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_PATHS settings option; this is now the default. Removed support for fall-back to LocaleURLMiddleware language negotiation. Added rudimental support for getting the locale from the domain name.
Updated HTML documentation.
Fix mistake with previous commit.
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