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Fixed path prefix regular expression that caused an exception on some URLs.
Fixed dropped query string on redirects.
Updated Google CSS location. Removed links from documentation header.
Disable middleware if settings.USE_I18N = False. More domain functionality, not useful yet.
Restructured code. Removed REDIRECT_LOCALE_INDEPENDENT_PATHS settings option; this is now the default. Removed support for fall-back to LocaleURLMiddleware language negotiation. Added rudimental support for getting the locale from the domain name.
Updated HTML documentation.
Fix mistake with previous commit.
Changed the chlocale template tag to strip the prefix if the locale is the default locale and PREFIX_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE == False.
Added Artiom Diomin as a maintainer. Moved reverse monkey-patch to (thanks to Artiom). Some small documentation fixes.
Small documentation fixes.
Deleted leftover sphinx-generated files. Small documentation fixes.
Updated documentation with license. Small change to installation steps docs.
Fixed trunk version of the documentation.
Updated history with 1.2 release.
Updated docs Makefile to make target 'htmlsvn' depend on 'html'.
Removed docs/source dir. Updated history. Added svn:eol-style=native to text
Small documentation tweaks.
Moved docs/source/ to docs/, moved docs/build/ to docs/.build/.
Moved docs/source/ to docs/, moved docs/build/ to docs/.build/.
Moved docs/source/ to docs/, moved docs/build/ to docs/.build/.
Updated HTML documentation.
Moved documentation into the source tree.
Fixed locale_url tag for 'as' keyword. Fixed redirection with query string.
Added PREFIX_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE settings option. Patch by Jonas Christian.
It is now okay for the root language of settings.LANGUAGE_CODE to be in settings.LANGUAGES.
Added copyright comments. Fixed Added manifest. Move README.txt and
The middleware now ignores MEDIA_URL if it is empty. Thanks to Arthur Koziel
Fixed problem with redirection. No longer sets the content language for
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