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Carl Meyer  committed c30fb9b

Added import of localeurl.models in localeurl.middleware to ensure reverse is patched soon enough. Fixes #5.

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 Tip: (unreleased)
+  * Added import of ``localeurl.models`` to ``localeurl.middleware``, to ensure
+    that ``reverse`` is monkeypatched before any requests are
+    served. Fixes #5. Thanks Antti Kaihola for the report, Andrey Shipilov and
+    jefurii for fix confirmation.
   * Added iri_to_uri encoding of non-ASCII redirect URLs. Fixes #13.
   * Sorted language codes longest-first to avoid matching e.g. 'pt' before
     'pt-br'. Fixes #15. Thanks Roman Barczyński for report and draft patch.

File localeurl/middleware.py Modified

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 from django.utils.encoding import iri_to_uri
 from django.utils.translation.trans_real import parse_accept_lang_header
 from localeurl import settings as localeurl_settings
-from localeurl import utils
+# Importing models ensures that reverse() is patched soon enough. Refs #5.
+from localeurl import models, utils
 # Make sure the default language is in the list of supported languages
 assert utils.supported_language(settings.LANGUAGE_CODE) is not None, \