Deprecationwarning when using django-localeurl with Django 1.3+

Issue #17 resolved
Fabian Büchler
created an issue

When using django-localeurl with Django 1.3+, using the {% locale_url %} templatetag raises a deprecation warning:

{{{ /django/django/template/ DeprecationWarning: The syntax for the url template tag is changing. Load the url tag from the future tag library to start using the new behavior. category=DeprecationWarning) }}}

This is due to {{{locale_url}}} using {{{urlnode = defaulttags.url(parser, urltoken)}}} instead of the {{{future.url}}} templatetag.

Please tell me if you need/want any patches for this.

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  1. Carl Meyer repo owner

    This is fixed in 396016d03b33 . In order to also remain compatible with existing templates using the older syntax, getting rid of the warning requires adding {% load locale_url from localeurl_future %} to your template (and also quoting your view name and not using the comma-separated arguments syntax).

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