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markup filters for django-markitup

Time-stamp: <2009-03-18 11:44:57 carljm>

This module provides a ``filter_func`` module-level markup filter
function based on the MARKITUP_PREVIEW_FILTER setting.

MARKITUP_PREVIEW_FILTER should be a two-tuple, where the first element
is a dotted-path string to a markup filter function, and the second
element is a dictionary of kwargs to be passed to the filter function
along with the markup to parse.

For instance, if MARKITUP_PREVIEW_FILTER is set to::

    ('markdown.markdown', {'safe_mode': True})

then calling ``filter_func(text)`` is equivalent to::

    from markdown import markdown
    markdown(text, safe_mode=True)

Though the implementation differs, the format of the
MARKITUP_PREVIEW_FILTER setting is inspired by James Bennett's

.. _django-template-utils:

from django.utils.functional import curry, wraps

from markitup.settings import MARKITUP_PREVIEW_FILTER

    filter_func = lambda text: text
    filter_path, filter_kwargs = MARKITUP_PREVIEW_FILTER
    module, funcname = filter_path.rsplit('.', 1)
    func = getattr(__import__(module, {}, {}, [funcname]), funcname)
    filter_func = wraps(func)(curry(func, **filter_kwargs))
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