django-model-utils / .travis.yml

Trey Hunner 6daa376 

Trey Hunner f3f6a25 
Trey Hunner 6daa376 

Trey Hunner f3f6a25 

language: python

  - "2.6"
  - "2.7"

  - DJANGO=Django==1.2.7 SOUTH=1
  - DJANGO=Django==1.3.7 SOUTH=1
  - DJANGO=Django==1.4.5 SOUTH=1
  - DJANGO=Django==1.4.5 SOUTH=1
  - DJANGO=Django==1.5 SOUTH=1
  - DJANGO=Django==1.4.5 SOUTH=0

  - pip install $DJANGO --use-mirrors
  - pip install coverage coveralls --use-mirrors
  - sh -c "if [ '$SOUTH' = '1' ]; then pip install South==0.7.6; fi"

script: coverage run -a --branch --include="model_utils/*" --omit="model_utils/tests/*" test

after_success: coveralls
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