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Add tests for StatusField no_check_for_status.

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 from django.test import TestCase
 from model_utils import Choices, ModelTracker
-from model_utils.fields import get_excerpt, MonitorField
+from model_utils.fields import get_excerpt, MonitorField, StatusField
 from model_utils.managers import QueryManager
 from model_utils.models import StatusModel, TimeFramedModel
 from model_utils.tests.models import (
         instance = StatusFieldDefaultNotFilled()
+    def test_no_check_for_status(self):
+        field = StatusField(no_check_for_status=True)
+        # this model has no STATUS attribute, so checking for it would error
+        field.prepare_class(Article)
 class ChoicesTests(TestCase):
     def setUp(self):
+        def test_status_field_no_check_for_status(self):
+            sf = StatusFieldDefaultFilled._meta.get_field('status')
+            args, kwargs = introspector(sf)
+            self.assertEqual(kwargs['no_check_for_status'], 'True')
 class PassThroughManagerTests(TestCase):
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