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Full commit


tip (unreleased)

  • Fix calling create() on a RelatedManager that subclasses a dynamic PassThroughManager. Thanks SeiryuZ for the report. Fixes GH-24.
  • Add workaround for in InheritanceQuerySet to avoid overriding prior calls to select_related(). Thanks ivirabyan.
  • Added support for arbitrary levels of model inheritance in InheritanceManager. Thanks ivirabyan. (This feature only works in Django 1.6+ due to

1.2.0 (2013.01.27)

  • Moved primary development from Bitbucket to GitHub. Bitbucket mirror will continue to receive updates; Bitbucket issue tracker will be closed once all issues tracked in it are resolved.
  • Removed deprecated ChoiceEnum, InheritanceCastModel, InheritanceCastManager, and manager_from.
  • Fixed pickling of PassThroughManager. Thanks Rinat Shigapov.
  • Set use_for_related_fields = True on QueryManager.
  • Added __len__ method to Choices. Thanks Ryan Kaskel and James Oakley.
  • Fixed InheritanceQuerySet on Django 1.5. Thanks Javier García Sogo.

1.1.0 (2012.04.13)

  • Updated AutoCreatedField, AutoLastModifiedField, MonitorField, and TimeFramedModel to use on Django 1.4. Thanks Donald Stufft.
  • Fixed annotation of InheritanceQuerysets. Thanks Jeff Elmore and Facundo Gaich.
  • Dropped support for Python 2.5 and Django 1.1. Both are no longer supported even for security fixes, and should not be used.
  • Added PassThroughManager.for_queryset_class(), which fixes use of PassThroughManager with related fields. Thanks Ryan Kaskel for report and fix.
  • Added InheritanceManager.get_subclass(). Thanks smacker.

1.0.0 (2011.06.16)

  • Fixed using SplitField on an abstract base model.
  • Fixed issue #8, adding use_for_related_fields = True to InheritanceManager.
  • Added PassThroughManager. Thanks Paul McLanahan.
  • Added pending-deprecation warnings for InheritanceCastModel, manager_from, and Django 1.1 support. Removed documentation for the deprecated utilities. Bumped ChoiceEnum from pending-deprecation to deprecation.
  • Fixed issue #6, bug with InheritanceManager and descriptor fields (e.g. FileField). Thanks zyegfryed for the fix and sayane for tests.

0.6.0 (2011.02.18)

  • updated SplitField to define get_prep_value rather than get_db_prep_value. This avoids deprecation warnings on Django trunk/1.3, but makes SplitField incompatible with Django versions prior to 1.2.
  • added InheritanceManager, a better approach to selecting subclass instances for Django 1.2+. Thanks Jeff Elmore.
  • added InheritanceCastManager and InheritanceCastQuerySet, to allow bulk casting of a queryset to child types. Thanks Gregor Müllegger.

0.5.0 (2010.09.24)

  • added manager_from (thanks George Sakkis)
  • added StatusField, MonitorField, TimeFramedModel, and StatusModel (thanks Jannis Leidel)
  • deprecated ChoiceEnum and replaced with Choices

0.4.0 (2010.03.16)

  • added SplitField
  • added ChoiceEnum
  • added South support for custom model fields


  • Added QueryManager