TK Soh committed 7d45f52

improve help text on --name option

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     If a list of files is omitted, all changes reported by "hg status"
     will be candidates for shelving.
-    If a shelf name is not specified, a default shelf will be
-    created and used.
     You will be prompted for whether to shelve changes to each
     modified file, and for files with multiple changes, for each
     change to use.  For each query, the following responses are
           ('', 'all', None,
            _('shelve all changes')),
-           _('shelf name')),
+           _('shelve changes to specified shelf name')),
          ] + commands.walkopts,
          _('hg shelve [OPTION]... [FILE]...')),
           ('f', 'force', None, 
            _('proceed even if patches do not unshelve cleanly')),
-            _('shelf name (optional)')),
+            _('unshelve changes from specified shelf name')),
            ('l','list',None,_('List active shelves')),
          _('hg unshelve [OPTION]... [FILE]...')),
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