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cleaned up distutils.command.build

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 from distutils.errors import DistutilsOptionError
 from distutils.util import get_platform
-def show_compilers ():
+def show_compilers():
     from distutils.ccompiler import show_compilers
-class build (Command):
+class build(Command):
     description = "build everything needed to install"
          "list available compilers", show_compilers),
-    def initialize_options (self):
+    def initialize_options(self):
         self.build_base = 'build'
         # these are decided only after 'build_base' has its final value
         # (unless overridden by the user or client)
         self.force = 0
         self.executable = None
-    def finalize_options (self):
+    def finalize_options(self):
         if self.plat_name is None:
             self.plat_name = get_platform()
         if self.executable is None:
             self.executable = os.path.normpath(sys.executable)
-    # finalize_options ()
-    def run (self):
+    def run(self):
         # Run all relevant sub-commands.  This will be some subset of:
         #  - build_py      - pure Python modules
         #  - build_clib    - standalone C libraries
         for cmd_name in self.get_sub_commands():
     # -- Predicates for the sub-command list ---------------------------
     def has_pure_modules (self):
     def has_scripts (self):
         return self.distribution.has_scripts()
     sub_commands = [('build_py',      has_pure_modules),
                     ('build_clib',    has_c_libraries),
                     ('build_ext',     has_ext_modules),
                     ('build_scripts', has_scripts),
-# class build
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