Tarek Ziadé avatar Tarek Ziadé committed e8fab44

removing the last remaning apply() calls

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         kwargs['owner'] = owner
         kwargs['group'] = group
-    filename = apply(func, (base_name, base_dir), kwargs)
+    filename = func(base_name, base_dir, **kwargs)
     if root_dir is not None:
         log.debug("changing back to '%s'", save_cwd)
     _build_cmdtuple(directory, cmdtuples)
     for cmd in cmdtuples:
-            apply(cmd[0], (cmd[1],))
+            cmd[0](cmd[1])
             # remove dir from cache if it's already there
             abspath = os.path.abspath(cmd[1])
             if abspath in _path_created:
         self.files = []
         for sort_tuple in sortable_files:
-            self.files.append(apply(os.path.join, sort_tuple))
+            self.files.append(os.path.join(*sort_tuple))
     # -- Other miscellaneous utility methods ---------------------------
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