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-Accepted and Proposed Changes to Configuration Files
+Proposed Changes to Configuration Files
 :Author: Éric Araujo <merwok@netwok.org>
 :Credits: Carl Meyer, folks at PyCon 2010, people in #distutils
 .. TODO take ideas from http://wiki.python.org/moin/Distutils/StaticMetadata
         + add more comments there
-.. TODO document encoding for the config file (UTF-8/mbcs on win32)
 .. highlight:: cfg
 .. TODO understand and integrate Tarek’s thing about declaring commands
-Annex: Making things simple for users
+Appendix: Making things simple for users
 mkpkg (to be given a better name) will help people do the right thing, e.g.
 use a compliant version number, fill the ``license`` field only when there is
 transition their practices and installation documentation.
-Annex: Implementation details
+Appendix: Implementation details
 The `config file parser`_ strips leading and trailing whitespace for free, we
 just have to handle the case of the first line being empty (in the line
 filtered according to the environment, access a config section defined by a
 Distutils2 extension, and so on.
+The encoding of the config file is UTF-8.
 .. XXX use a special section name prefix for those extensions?
-Annex: Mapping from arguments to fields
+Appendix: Mapping from arguments to fields
 ============================ ==============================
 Argument in :file:`setup.py` Field in :file:`setup.cfg`
 ============================ ==============================
-Annex: Rejected ideas
+Appendix: Rejected ideas
 Get metadata from hooks