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 author = Carl Meyer <carl@oddbird.net>
 summary = A sample project demonstrating distutils2 packaging
 license = MIT
-classifiers = 
+classifiers =
   Development Status :: 4 - Beta
   Environment :: Console (Text Based)
 version = 0.6.4
 requires-external = libxml2
 # this is under discussion
-#  proposal: relative path to location of setup.cfg, probably disallows ..
+#  proposal: relative path to location of setup.cfg, probably disallow '..'
 description_file = README.rst
 # specifying packages and modules not yet covered by any PEP, TBD
-# proposal: 
+# proposal:
 #   "modules" key
 #   whitespace-separated values (a simple project may have a few modules
 #            separated with spaces, a larger one would use newlines, and
 #   can also accept top-level module names
 #   specifying a non-top-level package should only be for a namespace pkg
 #           (is it an error if you don't have PEP 382 .pth file?)
-#   "exclude_modulees" key for exceptions to auto-recursion
+#   "exclude_modules" key for exceptions to auto-recursion
 modules =
 #   "scripts" key with relative paths to script files
 # lots of advantages to just specifying a callable a la console_scripts
 # see also Python bug #870479 (platform-specific handling, i.e. adapt
-#   EOLs, add a .py extension on win, etc.)
+#           EOLs, add a .py extension on win, etc.)
 scripts = bin/foof
 # sdist_files not yet specified in a PEP, TBD
 # which replaces the current distutils/sysconfig install schemes
 # Tarek intends to write a PEP and collect feedback in the coming months.
-src/parrot/config/*            = {config}
+src/parrot/config/* = {config}
 src/parrot/templates/**/*.tpl  = {appdata}/templates
 # generic extensible metadata (with querying API in pkgutil) provides
 # equivalent
 # proposal:
 #   custom metadata can be provided in sections of setup.cfg prefixed
-#           with "extension:"
+#           with "extension:" (to avoid name conflicts with command names)
 paster.app_factory =
   parrot = parrot.paster:app_factory