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Clarify use of defaults with mkpkg

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 :Author: Éric Araujo <merwok@netwok.org>
 :Credits: Carl Meyer, folks at PyCon 2010, people in #distutils
 :License: PSF
-:Revision: 1.3
+:Revision: 1.4
 .. warning::
 is no suitable Trove classifier for the chosen license, in other words give
 useful hints for people that don’t read PEPs or documentation.
-Some values could be specified in the user configuration file::
+A new section in the user configuration file can provide defaults (even
+templates, with ``{variables}`` replaced by values taken from the metadata of
+the project)::
-  [mkpkg]
+  [mkpkg-defaults]
   author = John Smith <john@example.org>
   project-url-template =
     Code repository, http://example.org/hacking/projects/{name}
     commands depending on the origin file, which is not an expectation in
     the Distutils model (which I will already change to introduce sections
     that are not allowed at all config file levels). It’s cleaner if the
-    program uses its own section in the user config file.
+    program uses its own section in the user config file (also not named
+    ``mkpkg``, since the program itself could get options later).
 For people wanting to upgrade progressively, Distutils2 includes a
 lib2to3-based converter to rewrite imports (:mod:`distutils2` provides a