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Clarify mkpkg use for auto-detection

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 :Author: Éric Araujo <>
 :Credits: Carl Meyer, folks at PyCon 2010, people in #distutils
 :License: PSF
-:Revision: 1.2
+:Revision: 1.3
 .. warning::
 :codename: auto-detection-script
-Alternative: Require that people run ``mkpkg`` to trigger detection
-and have the configuration file created or updated. Then they can check that
-the update is right thanks to ``$vcs diff setup.cfg`` or ``editor setup.cfg``.
-See appendix__.
+Alternative: Use the ``mkpkg`` script to detect things and create or update
+the configuration file (after user confirmation for each field). See
 .. __: `appendix: making things simple for users`_