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Whitespace kerfluffle: put single values on one line after all

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 # specifying packages and modules not yet covered by any PEP, TBD
 # proposal: 
 #   "modules" key
+#   whitespace-separated values (a simple project may have a few modules
+#            separated with spaces, a larger one would use newlines, and
+#            everything'll be readable and valid)
 #   each entry is path:module (where module can also be a package)
 #   recursive (includes all sub-packages and modules by default)
 #   can also accept top-level module names
-exclude_modules =
-  src:parrot.tests
+exclude_modules = src:parrot.tests
 # this will require another section to give all required options to make an
 # Extension instance (source files, headers, macros..)
 # lots of advantages to just specifying a callable a la console_scripts
 # see also Python bug #870479 (platform-specific handling, i.e. adapt
 #   EOLs, add a .py extension on win, etc.)
-scripts =
-  bin/foof
+scripts = bin/foof
 # sdist_files not yet specified in a PEP, TBD
 # proposal:
 #   list of pathnames to files that should be included in the sdist but not
 #           installed.  The path is relative to the top-level dir of the
 #           source tree.
-sdist_files =
-  README.rst
+sdist_files = README.rst
 # this syntax is proposed in http://wiki.python.org/moin/Distutils2
 # the {} variables are looked up in a system-wide sysconfig.cfg
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