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 :Author: Éric Araujo <>
 :Credits: Carl Meyer, folks at PyCon 2010, people in #distutils
 :License: PSF
-:Revision: 1.0
+:Revision: 1.1
 .. warning::
 :file:`` script). It will also allow a variety of tools written in any
 language to work from the same information.
+The encoding of the config file is UTF-8.
 The new sections are different from usual sections that give options to
 commands because they make no sense in system or user configuration files.
 While specifying ``install`` or ``sdist`` options in a system or user
-:codename: use-utf8
-The encoding of the config file is UTF-8. This encoding enables using Unicode
-characters in string fields, and is also a superset of ASCII.
 Avoid Metadata-Version