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   modules = ship
   exclude-modules = ship.hull
-:codename: +pkg-recursion-boolean
+:codename: [pkg-recursion-boolean]
 Additionally, a boolean option could control all-or-nothing recursion::
 or newline-separated, to be decided), booleans are :mod:`ConfigParser`
-:codename: +vars-in-extmod
+:codename: [vars-in-extmod]
 If deemed useful, simple variables could be added to these sections; see
 In other words, every key starting with a dollar sign is a variable that will
 be usable in the regular fields of the same section.
-:codename: +vars-in-vars-for-extmod
+:codename: [vars-in-vars-for-extmod]
 If useful, expanding already defined variables in other variable definitions
 could be allowed.
-:codename: +env-markers-for-extmod
+:codename: [env-markers-for-extmod]
 If useful, environment markers could be allowed in fields of this section.
 of whitespace or comma-separated allows directory names with spaces and is
 consistent with other multi-value fields.
-:codename: +env-markers-for-scripts
+:codename: [env-markers-for-scripts]
 :PEP:`345` markers can be useful to filter the list of scripts according to
 the build environment (sdist would still ship all scripts)::
 .. __: `replacing package_dir`_
-:codename: +rename-cmdclass
+:codename: [rename-cmdclass]
 Additional proposal: Give the field a clearer name. ``command-classes`` or
 ``commands`` (and change it in the Python code too). If there is a good reason