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remove script_path (dead code since removal of _find_exe)

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     disabled = True
     def __init__(self, base_path=None, template_path=None,
-                 script_path=None,
                  environ=None, cwd=None, start_clear=True,
                  ignore_paths=None, ignore_hidden=True):
         files, which are files you'll explicitly add to the
         environment.  This is done with ``.writefile()``.
-        ``script_path`` is the PATH for finding executables.  Usually
-        grabbed from ``$PATH``.
         ``environ`` is the operating system environment,
         ``os.environ`` if not given.
         if environ is None:
             environ = os.environ.copy()
         self.environ = environ
-        if script_path is None:
-            if sys.platform == 'win32':
-                script_path = environ.get('PATH', '').split(';')
-            else:
-                script_path = environ.get('PATH', '').split(':')
-        self.script_path = script_path
         if cwd is None:
             cwd = base_path
         self.cwd = cwd