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Add doc examples of using easy_install and pip install --find-links.

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     tox -i DEV=http://pypi.python.org/simple  # changes :DEV: package URLs
     tox -i http://pypi.python.org/simple      # changes default
+further customizing installation
+.. versionadded:: 1.6
+By default tox uses `pip`_ to install packages (both the sdist of your
+package-under-test and any dependencies you specify in ``tox.ini``) into each
+test virtualenv, with a command-line like ``pip install --pre
+You can fully customize tox's install-command in your ``tox.ini`` with the
+``install_command`` option. For instance, to use ``easy_install`` instead of
+    [testenv]
+    install_command = easy_install {packages}
+Or to use pip's ``--find-links`` and ``--no-index`` options to specify an
+alternative source for your dependencies::
+    [testenv]
+    install_command = pip install --pre --find-links http://packages.example.com --no-index {opts} {packages}
+(Including ``{opts}`` is only necessary if you want your install command to
+also respect tox's options for setting the download cache and package index
+.. _pip: http://pip-installer.org
 forcing re-creation of virtual environments