How-to export/synchronize the list of radios between several PC ?

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

Hi Carlos, Many thanks for this perfect radio player. As you understand, I, my childs and some friends are using your app and everybody is very happy with it. Some of these people on different countries. From time to time, we exchange on our discoveries of web radios. A mecanism of import/export a group-of-radios will help us to exchange these URLs or playlists. Will it be possible to add such a mecanism ? Again, many, many thanks for your work.

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  1. Dalron

    Hi there,

    Ilove RadioTray. A smart invention !

    Nevertheless, I think that many people have difficulties to import export their lists. Indeed a long long time on interned spent to check for a solution, showed me that many people are trying this, unfortunately in vein... For instance if I just replace or edit the bookmarks.xml, it doesn't work... Maybe it would not be too difficult to add this option ?

    Thank you again for your job ! dalron

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