Radiotray only plays music as root user

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Thanks for your program.

On Ubuntu Quantal 64 bits, Radiotray (0.7.2) plays radios only when i launch it as root. It is not a big deal, but i wonder why! Little clue : got the same issue when i try to listen a radio with Banshee player music.

Launching RT in my terminal to check the verbose don't seem to indicate anything interesting.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!

Ogu from France

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  1. Ogu Loisivert


    Thanks for your answer!

    Please could you give me more information about permissions i might change? Do have i to deal with the /usr/bin/radiotray file permission?

    Thx a lot!

    Ogu from France

  2. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    Sorry for the delay. I was talking about the "Users and Groups" configuration dialog that you should find somewhere in the menu or by searching on Unity. In there, under your user you should check the advanced settings.

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