Radio tray disconnect after working for soem time

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I am using Radiotray to listen to BBC channels. I noticed that radio tray stop working after 30 -45 min. Problem is not the channel or internet. Radiotray does not respont if I tried to re-connect. In this case I have to kill radiotray and start it again. I also noticed that the quality of the radio on Radiotray is slightly less than I am listening to the same channel directly from Firefox?? I look forwards to a solution to this bug.......

P.S. using ubuntu 12.10


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  1. np1

    I have this problem too. I notice it disconnects on the hour. I suspect it is a bug in the SleepTimerPlugin, even though I don't have that plugin enabled.

  2. np1

    Actually it is occurring at random intervals, must have been coincidence that it appeared to happen on the hour, I spoke too soon! So probably not related to SleepTimerPlugin. This is an annoying bug. It seems to disconnect every 30-60 mins or so.

  3. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    It could be due to some network instability. When a connection is lost, RT tries to connect again 3 times. If it receives timeouts, it will just stop. Does it happen only with a specific radio station or with any radio station ?

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