Fixes for broken stations

Issue #160 resolved
created an issue

I hope this is the right place to file this bug. 7 of the stations in the default bookmarks.xml are broken. I've saved you the trouble and have tracked down where the streams moved to. Below are the per-stream fixes and attached is a working bookmarks.xml file.

    <group name="Latin">
        <bookmark name="Onda Tropical" url=""/>
    <group name="Latin">
        <bookmark name="Suave" url=""/>
        <group name="Classic Rock">
<bookmark name="181.FM Classic Hits" url=""/>
    <group name="Pop / Rock">
        <bookmark name=".977 The Hitz Channel" url=""/>
    <group name="Pop / Rock">
        <bookmark name="Enjoy Station" url=""/>
    <group name="Chill">
        <bookmark name="181.FM" url=""/>
    <group name="Chill">
        <bookmark name="Lounge Radio" url=""/>

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