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Using radiotray on Kubuntu 12.04. Desktop machine rarely turned off or rebooted. Started to get sluggish, noticed much of 8GB of ram being used. Ran top and sorted by Mem usage. radiotray ranked #1 with over 2 GB of usage. Killing it and restarting freed the ram.

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  1. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    Thanks for the report. You're right. However, that checkout version doesn't anymore in some circumstances. The problem is that mixing pygtk (old gtk version) and gi.repository (just for gstreamer) doesn't work very well. I've tested with some distros and is very unstable. So the only solution is porting the whole thing to gtk 3 so that everything is using gi.repository. That's what I'm currently doing, but I'm still struggling with some of the modifications in gtk3.

  2. Thomas Spura

    Thanks, that's good to know, that there are problems with pygtk and gi.repository.

    It seems I was just lucky that it worked for me when using gi.repository just for gstreamer...

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