No icon showing up on ubuntu 13.04

Issue #166 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Ubuntu 13.04 has removed support for systray icons. Application need to switch to the AppIndicator api.

This renders radiotray completely unusable as no icon is showing up.

Can you add support for AppIndicator ?

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  1. Philippe Marzouk

    By looking at the source code I saw you can launch with --config and there is an option there to force use of AppIndicator. The --config switch is not documented (at least in 0.7.2), you may want to document it :)

    Thank you for the app, Philippe

  2. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    Thanks for the tip. There's support for appindicator for a while. In a new installation, RT should ask to use systray or appindicator. If you upgraded ubuntu, and had previously chosen systray it won't work now. I guess there's no need for both options now, and just use the default appindicator if using Ubuntu.

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