Radiotray regularly pauses 5 seconds without any reason during stream

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Xavier Guillot created an issue


Radio Tray 0.7.3 works very well in Ubuntu, but since 12.10 I have a little annoying bug :

Regularly and randomly, when I am listening a radio, sound makes a pause during approximately 3 to 5 seconds, Radiotray icon indicator becomes grey (as it is when no radio is launched), and without having to do anything (no need to manually reselect a radio), program restarts and icon is blue again.

It resumes exactly at the same moment sound was stopped, if someone was speaking, no word of the sentance is lost, just we have now 5 seconds late on the stream.

It happens whatever type of radio, for example for both of following, and can repeat several times, a few minutes or hour later...

This is not a big issue, but it's disturbing (I have to look if it's just a pause, so wait 5'' or if program stopped), it's not normal behavior, and when watching a football match at TV with the Internet radio sound, it's a bit problematic !

I don't know what to do to bring more informations, even when running Radio Tray via terminal, nothing is displayed when pause occurs.

Bug also opened on Ubuntu :

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  1. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    To be sure, you could attach your logfile (or part of it) which is located at ~/.local/share/radiotray/radiotray.log. However, I'm almost sure what is happening. It's probably not a bug, but a feature :) What you're experiencing is a temporary connection loss. Before 0.7.3, it would just stop playing. Now, when connection is lost, RT tries to connect again, thus the icon color change and the brief pause.

  2. Xavier Guillot reporter

    Thanks for the quick answer and the great job of Radio Tray, it's an useful program, I use it everyday : simple, accessible on the top panel with one-click !

    OK, here is the log for the last 2 hours. Does it mean that in case of connection loss, RT still has the stream and rips, even if I do not hear it anymore, because as I said it resumes exactly at the moment of the pause, not jumps to the direct when connection comes again ?

    In this case it's almost a solution for the feature like streamripper and voluntary pause :)

    And if it depends from web connection, so the bug is invalid and there is nothing to do so I would correct on Ubuntu Launchpad.

    Except, would there be an option to force going to the direct immediately without having to switch to another radio and come back, or stop / restart Radio Tray ?

  3. zoulou 4556

    Hi, I have the problem of writing by Xavier, Radio Tray is cut regularly, I'm Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Radio Tray 0.7.3, I will follow the thread if you have a solution, thank you.

  4. Philippe Widmer

    same here. i increased the buffer_size to 364000 in ~/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml, restarted the radiotray. no more interrupts so far.

    it may help...

  5. lu lu

    @ Philippe Widmer: how to increase buffer size, because i do not have this line in ~/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml ? how do i create one?

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Same issue here ubuntu 14.04. Awesome app. Just this one issue.

    @lumob2000 <option name="buffer_size" value="364000"/> is the line I added.

    Edit: changing buffer made no difference.

  7. lu lu

    thanks, but no difference at all. maybe the producers of this app will do some update to solve this problem.

  8. Ferux ookferux

    Same issue here...

    Ubuntu 14.04

    For the rest, very nice and light-weight app. Much faster way to listen to radio than 'firing' up Rhythmbox.

  9. Former user Account Deleted

    Hello to all,

    Having the same issue, changing the buffer to 364000 in ~/.local/share/radiotray/config.xml didn't change anything. Changing it also in /usr/share/radiotray/config.xml had no effect at all either.

    As Xavier Guillot said, this is mostly problematic when watching a game on tv with the radio audio. Other than that, great app :)

  10. Christian Biere

    I'm using radio tray 0.7.3 on Debian Jessie. This issue is still there. There are no pauses if I listen to the stream using a web browser, mplayer, curl + opusdec or whatever options there are. So it's certainly not the fault of the radio station and no network issue either. The bug might very well be in gstreamer or caused by a garbage collector. Actually, I don't think it's a "minor" bug. It's pretty annoying and defeats the very purpose of this otherwise simple yet great, no-nonsense tool.

  11. Swipe650 .

    I'm running radio tray 0.7.3 on Kubuntu 15.10. This 5 second pausing bug has been around for quite a while. It is quite annoying and does undermine one of the most used apps on my system. I had previously just lived with it but now I also have an old mac mini running in the kitchen running the same stream using a great little app called Fstream. When I start radiotray from afresh the streams are perfectly in sync but once radiotray starts with the pausing bug it knocks it out of sync. This delay can become quite significant after a few hours and has become extremely annoying. What are the chances of this bug being fixed?

  12. Christian Biere

    Thanks for the quick reply. I've commented it out. Let's see how it goes.

    -- Christian Biere

    On Sun, 14 Feb 2016 20:38:06 -0000

  13. Christian Biere

    I can confirm this, too. Listened for some hours and didn't notice any drop outs or pauses. There are a couple of lines "Buffering [...]" in the radiotray.log but it never reaches zero and there's no audible effect. Obviously, there would have been a pause everytime "Buffering [...]" gets logged. So, as long as there isn't serious network congestion, radiotray seems to play fine, now. Thanks a lot!

  14. Mark Veenstra

    Also commented that line and radiotray never stops playing now. Ofcourse sometimes it now displays buffer lines in the log and stutters a little but it doesn't stop playing.

  15. Ed Bruck

    I think the problem may be that we only flip back to playing if we have a full buffer, which means we aren't buffering (sometimes).
    So, my little hack works, but isn't the right way to do it according to the gstreamer docs. This of course is just a guess.

    I've been playing around with gstreamer (1.6.3) and C++ where I am seeing a buffering message with a percentage of 100 at the same time. It could be that the older gstreamer or Python is missing the last message? I've not spent a lot of time with it as I'm not seeing the same problems others are using the Python version of RadioTray.

  16. m a r

    Not sure why, but my version of radiotray, on Arch, has the same problem but not the same file. So I cannot implement that fix.

    Any suggestions?


    EDIT: found the same block at line 141, trying it now.

  17. Frank

    This just started happening here after a gstreamer update (never happened before...). Filled up the log with thousands of messages a minute, causing an unacceptable amount of stuttering. I don't care much for "Buffering 0" messages every second, so I switched the condition at line 154 around and commented the next three lines. Haven't experienced any issues since I did that, half an hour ago...

  18. James Niland

    So I did find a solution to this problem, and it is not the buffer! Very simply it is the memory priority. To fix it I change the priority from NORMAL to HIGH. I tried VERY HIGH but seems it is not needed. I have yet found a way to do this when the program loads, but for now I am using 'System Load Indicator' by selecting the 'Processes Tab' and on the last column you will see the priority is normal. This can be changed by right clicking and selecting 'Change Priority' to set it to 'HIGH' Since browsers and other internet requests are set to normal "Radio Tray" will come first without interruption, of course it helps to have a fast connection. Mine is 100Mb/s

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