Changing volume with scroll wheel does not work in xfce4-panel

Issue #173 resolved
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Radio tray icon does not respond to scroll wheel movements when running in xfce panel. A side note, It also doesn't work when running in Notification Area of Cairo-Dock. However, here I am concerned with xfce panel as that is what I am using! Would very much appreciate a fix.

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  1. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    Do you know if you're using the systray or the appindicator version ? also, which distro/version are you using? I'm personally using xubuntu and it works, but it may be a problem with a specific version.

  2. np1 reporter

    This is working fine in v0.7.3. Thanks for the great app.

    to answer your questions, IIRC I was previously using v0.7.2 with xubuntu.

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